Top tourist attractions in Florida

The Sunshine State draws millions of visitors all year round. No wonder, as it offers quite a variety of attractions, suitable for people of every age. So, if you got no plans for your vacation, add Florida to your list. The following directory of top tourist attractions in Florida will certainly let you take that decision. Enjoy!

  1. Busch Gardens. Located in Tampa Bay, a family-friendly theme park. It is home to various exotic animals, which are kept in conditions that resemble their natural habitats. If you want to feel some chill down your spine, just use the roller-coaster available in the park, and you will see all the animals at a staggering pace. Busch Gardens is not all about animals, though. Staying there, you can feel as if you really were in Africa. Thanks to replicas of traditional African villages or a safari, you will experience Africa in Florida!
  2. Ernest Hemingway Museum. Back in the 1930s, the famous American writer bought a Spanish Colonial House, located in Key West, Florida. There, he wrote a number of brilliant pieces, like “A Farewell to Arms” or “For whom the bell tolls”. These days, it houses Hemingway’s museum. Definitely a must-see for every true literature lover.
  3. Castillo de San Marcos. Let’s look back into history, to the days, when first European settlers came to America. Especially notable for its rectangular shape, Castillo is one of the most solid fortresses in the USA. Its thick walls make the external attack almost impossible.
  4. South Beach. One of the top tourist attractions in Florida. Most people hearing this name indeed do have some recollections about it. No wonder, as it offers quite a huge number of entertainment events. There are movie festivals, wine festivals, fashion fairs, you name it. House music lovers know that place for being the home of Winter Music Conference or project management software conference. And even if nothing is going on at the beach, you can always enjoy sunbathing there.

If you’re coming without a car, seeing all the top tourist attractions in Florida might be a little problematic. This is especially true, if you don’t know the area well. Does that mean, though, you will need to roam around with a map spread all around you? Absolutely not! Just think of using some shuttle services, like Port of Miami shuttle. No more crowded public buses or getting lost in the middle of nowhere!

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